Thursday, November 3, 2011


OK so it's been so very quiet over hear at The Craft Room.....I wasn't able to attend the Sunday craft group so was wondering how it all went does anyone have any photos to post?

The Glenmore Park craft group has dropped off a little so giving it up until next year might have to get together another group of ladies next year if you happen to know anybody in the area interested in attending The Craft Room next year forward them my details

OMG who is loving pinterest????
I'm totally in love does anybody else find it fun? What do you like to search for...please share your thoughts and your links to your boards there's nothing like a little peek into
each others worlds?

Any way take care everyone.


  1. I have recently discovered Pinterest and find once I start it's totally addictive ! Heres a link to mine for you to check out in your spare time !

  2. I love pinterest. I have this little song in my head all day.........'if you like it then you should have put a pin on it'

    Oh and I missed the sunday craft day too. I would love to see pics if anyone has some to share.