Monday, January 30, 2012

Beaches Craft Room kick-off

Hello Laydeez! This year the Northern Beaches Craft Room are meeting on the first Thursday of the month. First meet up is this Thursday, 2nd of February. The more the merrier so please come along and feel free to spread the word amongst your families and friends. Same venue, North Balgowlah community centre from 7 until 9pm.

On another note... who's up for another Sunday craft day? Is March too soon?


  1. Sounds great can we make it end of the Month as Handmade market is the weekend of the 10th and can't make the 1st weekend in March. Would love to come along to a Sunday event I've been unlucky last year as all other dates fell on a Market day...Thanks

  2. Hi Just wondering if any of you ladies are interested.. I am clearing out my mum's house and she has DOZENS of old tapestries/emboidery kits etc would anyone like them? Happy to drop them off somewhere between the north shore and northern beaches.
    it seems a shame to throw it all